Evan Oró
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almost a blog, mostly words

On Creation...

I do not remember the exact moment I decided I wanted to create a personal website. I do remember, however, a convergence of three different aspects of my life- a desire to inspire a larger audience with my art, a growing social media following, and a need for an easy 'go to' portfolio for what I hope will be future clients. Two other aspects played their much smaller, yet due roles in what would be the eventual creation of this site- an itching to always be doing and learning something new, and the feeling of needing to differentiate from other 'Instagram' photographers my age. The culmination and convergence of these five ideas/aspects sparked the flame in me from which this website you now find yourself browsing was born. This website will now become the main platform on which I will I share my art. Here, on the blog, is where I will share my thoughts on certain subjects and current events, as well as personal updates as I finish my final year of high school, then on the epic journey that will be the gap year I take after graduation, and then on whatever follows (college, traveling, climbing, skiing, traveling, kayaking, traveling).  


Now, what? I have the beginnings of a personal blog and a portfolio which anyone in the world can see. Obviously, this site will be ever changing with new blog posts, the addition and subtraction of images, and overall structure and page updates. With an improvement in my artistic abilities as well as coding and website design abilities this site will hopefully grow into one comparable with other professional photographers. If you have any feedback on anything- this blog post, the website, any imagines of mine/anything at all please feel free and do contact me via the contact page, Instagram, or Facebook. If you like what you saw and read please pass this along to friends and family or anyone who would enjoy a little distraction. If you wish to hire me please contact me! I consider myself a photographer and will and have shoot anything from senior portraits to contemporary pieces along with brands and promotional photography. If you have any blank space on your walls let me know as well and I’m sure we can find or take a photograph that will fill it justly.


Thank you for taking the time to explore my website. I will, especially in the week flowing the launch, be updating it constantly with new photos, design changes and the occasional blog post so come back for more and share with your friends, family, co-workers, National Geographic, you know, whoever comes to mind...

Evan Oro