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photographer, EMT, explorer, filmmaker, skier, adrenaline junkie, rock climber, traveler, writer, runner, artist, kayaker, overlander, student, mountaineer

Adventure Media Creative...

is a term that describes me best. It is a combination of my strongest passions - rock climbing, skiing, kayaking, ultra running and other adrenaline sports;  traveling the world; and making beautiful photographs and films. My love of these things can be traced to growing up in the mountains of New Mexico. I remember spending every free moment exploring the mountains and high deserts, skiing in the winter and rock climbing in the summer, always with some kind of camera in hand. As I got older, local explorations became expeditions of foreign countries, I was able to ski harder and climb higher, and the Walmart camcorder turned into professional film and DSLR cameras. 

I am addicted to the adrenalin rush of fear and excitement that comes from climbing hundreds of feet into the air or skiing powder stashes in the backcountry. Even more so, I’m addicted to the sound of the camera's shutter- especially in those heart pounding moments, in peaceful, breathtaking landscapes, urban city entropy, deafening concerts, and in moments with beautiful people. I seek to capture those moments, the moments when people are most alive. Whether it be in an extreme sport or a mellow downtown photo shoot, I will capture you at your best.


is a term I hope to grow into. I am taking a nine-month international medical volunteer project in September 2017. Growing up my instinct to want to help others was nurtured by opportunities in my community and school. I discovered that helping the less fortunate was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. During my last year of high school I studied to become EMT, and in June 2017 I became a Nationally Certified EMT Basic. I graduated from High School at the same time and decided I wanted to venture into the world to see where I could help others.

On September 10th I will leave for Ghana as an EMT volunteer with Medics Without Borders for almost three months. I will volunteer again as an EMT for three months in the spring at a hospital in Katmandu, Nepal with a program called A Broader View.

Medics Without Borders is a non-profit NGO in Kumasi, Ghana. Their mission is to provide comprehensive health education, preventive medicine, counseling services and emergency medical technology services for people in underserved communities in Ghana. As an EMT I will focus on patient care and assessment, public health education, and working with EMS professionals in Ghana on trauma cases at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi. In Nepal, I will rotate through the departments in Katmandu orthopedic hospital where the most common cases are general trauma surgery, pediatric clubfoot surgery, spinal surgeries, arthroscopy, and hand, foot and ankle surgeries.

Between Ghana and Nepal, I am taking time to travel in Southern Africa and Southeast Asia to create an unforgettable experience of the real trials and triumphs of our planet which I can share in photographs to those who would otherwise see the beauty of these places.

I need your help to help. To read more about the work I will be doing and to contribute to improving medical care in Kumasi and Katmandu please visit … . 50% of the money you donate will go directly to the facilities in Ghana and Nepal and the remainder will help offset my living expenses while I am in county. To stay up to date on my travels and work, please follow me on Instagram  VSCO and Youtube or add me on Snapchat. You can also subscribe below to my newsletter which will include travel news and updates on how your contribution is helping those in need.